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Standing left to right: Barb Pasman, Helen Sarsfield, and Barb Mitchell - Sitting left to right: Garry Pasman, Bev Hoeft, Bob Anderson (Leader), Cathy McCarraher and Lu Holwerda (Liaison). Not pictured: Bernice Boe, Carolyn Racine, Lottie Tudisco, Jan Brevig and Ruth Freitag.

Caring Relationships Team

One on One Ministry


Seated Left to Right: Dorothy Kautz and Elain Edge

    What is "One on One" Ministry? Do you know about our ministry which involves individual members on a one on one basis? This is a ministry which could include anyone and everyone.A team of caring individuals from CLC ministers on a one on one basis to those members who are confined to home, nursing home, or in assisted living situations. Our lay people minister by keeping in close contact through monthly visits, phone calls, cards for special occasions and loving care and concern. It's a ministry of friendship and love. When you volunteer to become a one on one visitor, you are assigned a person for a monthly visit and contact. Each visitor is asked to submit a short monthly report so the pastors are kept informed of the congregational care given to our members. For more information about this program, contact Barbara Pasman, who is the team coordinator, at 922-0068.

Transportation Ministry


Left to Right: Cathy McCarraher, Anna Potantus, Bruce McCarraher and Lillian Heilemann

    NEED A RIDE?? Are you no longer able to drive and your friends, family, shepherd group, etc. are unable to take you to - Doctor, therapy, church events, grocery store, or other appointments? If so, our CLC Transportation team has a total of 38 willing drivers to transport people to non-emergency appointments in the Village, Hot Springs, and other nearby locations. How do you get this service? Just call the volunteer desk at church (922-1865) and the on-duty volunteer will schedule an appointment with one of those drivers to take you to and from your needed location. No emergency situations are taken. Call 911 if you have an emergency problem. There are also other available transportation programs, which you can use at a minimal charge. The office volunteer can supply you with those names and numbers. Any questions? Call Garry or Barbara Pasman (922-0068.

Call A Buddy


    Christ Lutheran Church has a service available to members and friends who live alone, or who function as a primary caregiver. This program has been developed during the past two years and assures that there will be daily contact and communication. The name of the program - Call a Buddy. Many people in the Village live alone for various reasons. In the event of a fall or an accident, these people may not be able to get to a telephone to call for assistance. If a primary caregiver falls or has an accident, the patient - as well as the caregiver - may be at risk. Nobody wants to be in the position of needing help, but unable to call an emergency number. Having a telephone “Buddy” may be a true lifesaver! The Call-A-Buddy program offers a daily check. The basis of this program is simple - people are matched. Some people are matched to a good friend, others are assigned through the church. Once matched to a “Buddy,” daily contact happens by telephone. If one of the pair does not call or fails to answer the phone, there is a process to follow to get emergency help. To enroll in the program a brief form is completed to give emergency information. You may choose your Buddy or one will be assigned to you. If your usual calling Buddy is unavailable for a period of time, or if you are unavailable to be a Buddy, a substitute will be assigned. If you would like to be a part of this program, contact Helen Sarsfield or the church office at 922-1865. .



     One of the greatest reasons we belong to Christ Lutheran Church is to be with members who share our beliefs and who enjoy being together. Christian fellowship has a long tradition going back to Jesus, his Disciples and their friends. As we get acquainted with each other and share in fun experiences, we become more prepared to be able to assist each other as help is needed. The Fellowship Team of CLC is a sub-team of the Caring Relationship Team. Its function is to plan and oversee the main fellowship events of the Church. This is no small task! Team Leader Jan Brevig, leads the team in finding chairpersons to carry out the events which are placed on the annual calendar. These events may include dinners for the Congregational Meetings, the Lenten Soup Suppers, the Christmas Choir Concert reception and the annual Christmas party. In the past CLC members have also enjoyed an Ice Cream Social and Independence Day party, Thanksgiving dinner and Anniversary Celebrations. If you are interested in acting as a chair person to plan and organize one of these activities, you will find guidelines readily available to help you in your plans. Knowing what needs to be done and helpful comments from past Chairmen, make your work more efficient and enjoyable. And because of these guidelines, new members may easily participate in working on the fellowship events. The team is ready to assist with information, dates and recommendations as needed. Please let Jan know of your interest.

Shepherd Groups


     Each member of Christ Lutheran Church is assigned to one of ten Shepherd Groups. Leadership of each group is provided by co-leaders. The groups provide caring friendship and support ties within the congregation. Shepherd Groups and co-leaders are listed as follows:

     ABEL: Mayme Andrews at 922-3457, Connie/David Zerfas at 922-2920, and Lou Schinnerer at 922-3017

ANNA: Ursula Scharoll at 922-4585

EZRA: James/Luella Holwerda at 922-3974, and Keith/Bonnie Petersdorf at 922-0749

JOAB: Bernice Connelly at 922-0925, Barbara Gordon at 922-2969, William/Elsie Haws at 922-1342, and Val/Marilyn Kopitzke at 922-2848

LEAH: Ed/Mary Lynn Scheuber at 922-1824, and Irma Goodenow at 922-1469

LEVI: Richard/Maizie Patterson at 922-2987, and Phil/Carolyn Gustafson at 915-9673

MARK: Chris Hull at 922-0134, Frank/Dorothy Palmquist at 922-5681, Eric/Carolyn Racine at 922-5117

NOAH: Bruce/Cathy McCarraher at 922-0785, and Jerry/Bernadine Rice at 915-0540

PAUL: Joyce/Tom Gallagher at 922-1515, Erwin/Beverly Hoeft at 915-0495

SETH: Charles/Bernice Boe at 922-6118, and Jack/Mary Lou Potash at 922-4482

The Befrienders Team: Seated, left to right are Pastor Leland Lochhaas; Cathy McCarraher, Chair; Pastor Bob Anderson. Standing, left to right are Kay Santi; Florence Daehn; Pastor Charles Gilmore; Not pictured are Ron Santi, Irma Goodenow and Joyce Anderson.


    As a part of a caring ministry in our congregation, Befrienders are persons who provide support upon the death of a spouse or other family members. The pastoral staff of Christ Lutheran Church work closely with Befrienders, Shepherd Groups and Stephen Ministers to determine which group fits a particular need.

    When a person's name is given to Befrienders, they are assigned to one committee member who prays for and makes personal contacts with that person in need. The assignment continues for twelve months and generally consists of personal visits, phone calls, conversations at church, listening and supporting that particular individual.

    Befrienders also provide assistance to families at funeral/memorial services. They can arrange for tables or easels for displaying pictures, a podium for the guest book and assist the ushers. They also direct and assist the immediate family in the lower room where they have privacy and conveniences prior to the service.

    Anyone interested in joining Befrienders or learning more about this ministry can contact any of its current members. Primary qualifications are being a good listener, keeping information confidential and just being truly caring of others during difficult times in their lives. Training is provided. Committee Members: Cathy McCarraher, team coordinator (922-0785); Ron & Kay Santi (915-9097); Bob Anderson (922-9077); Florence Daehn (922-1659); Irma Goodenow (922-1469); Marlin Roberts (922-1085); Pastor Lee Lochhaas (922-4033) and Pastor Gilmore (915-0455).

Hospital Visitation Team


    The hospital visitation ministry was established in 2002 for the purpose of calling on Christ Lutheran Church congregational members who are in the area hospitals.

    One of the best assets of Christ Lutheran Church is that it has a caring congregation. This caring attitude is reflected in the church's vision and mission statements as well as the entire church body. Along these lines, hospital visit teams were established to call on local hospitals and to assure the patients that the thoughts and prayers of the CLC congregation are with them. Our pastors call on the CLC hospital patients on a regular weekly basis. The hospital visit teams call on the patients the other days of the week.

    Training has been provided to the team members on a continuing basis. Feed back sessions have been conducted to enhance and improve the efforts in this area. New members are always welcome. If you would like to join the team, please contact Barb Mitchell, team coordinator (922-9004). Hospital visitation team members are: Gordon & Charlotte Albers, Bob Anderson, Mayme Andrews, Lois Dasher-Chism, Connie Eckardt, Jean Flaaten, Charles Gilmore, Ruth Hagen, Bill and Elsie Haws, Lu Holwerda, Harry and Iris Lasché, Leland and Edith Lochhaas, Joyce Lund, Barbara Mitchell, Jerry Rice and Chuck Sarsfield.When family members or friends are admitted to hospitals in Hot Springs, Benton or Little Rock, please call the church office at 501-922-1865 so the ministerial staff and hospital visitation team can assure spiritual support for patients and their families.

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