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Mission Outreach Team: Seated, left to right are Elain Edge; Elmerna Lee, Wilma Tyler and Mayme Andrews.


    The Mission Outreach Team of Christ Lutheran Church is charged with gathering information from various outreach efforts in the local community, at the synod level and at the global level. It is their task to educate and inform the congregation of the works of those missions so that they have direct knowledge of what their budget is supporting financially, and to provide opportunities for volunteerism.

    Early on, the team made the decision to not meet monthly, but rather for each member to be a responsible liaison for a certain ministry, educating and leading the particular outreach effort. Team members communicate via email, and an evaluation meeting will be held at the end of this year. Each member of the team pledged to communicate with the congregation via the newsletter and temple talks, so that each month has one featured ministry. Members of the team for 2006 include:

    Indian Oaks Mission -

    Teen Challenge - Pastor Lee Lochhaas

    Jackson House - Mary Lou Potash

    Potter's Clay - Wilma Tyler

    Heifer International - Paul Anderson

    Lutheran Braille Workers - Dr. Donald Putnam

    ELCA Missionary Support - Lois Dekker

    ELCA Hunger Appeal - Elmerna Lee

    Jessieville Schools - Barbara Heilemann

    Sister Synod - Tanzania - Elain Edge

    Habitat for Humanity - Ted Eckardt, & Gordon Albers

    Holiday Baskets/Clothing Gifts - Connie & Ted Eckardt

    Lutheran World Relief - Gladys Larson with assistance from Ove Nielsen

    At the request of the council, our budget will be sent out quarterly, choosing three of the chosen ministries to be gifted at the end of each quarter.

    Wayne Beach, Gladys Larson and Elain Edge acted as a planning committee for a Mission Festival, which was held after worship on June 4, 2006, which was Pentecost Sunday. It's purpose was to educate the congregation about the outreach missions they support, and encourage participation both in volunteer and financial offerings. In addition to the mission efforts listed above, others which are sponsored by our congregation in routine ways were also highlighted. Those include the Radio Ministry, The Seminary Scholarship Program, How Our Funding that Goes to the ELCA is distributed, and The Global Mission Event. The proceeds above cost for the brunch, which was served by volunteers, was sent to the "Water Well Fund" of sister synod, the Morogoro District in Tanzania, which is assisting those brothers and sisters in Christ to recover from a devastating drought.

    It is recommended that a Mission Festival be held periodically, not annually, with the supported ministries being highlighted in various ways in the off years. Plans for those efforts will be announced as they emerge. Team coordinator is Elain Edge, 922-6247.

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